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Talk about your own exotic car rental experience for months after touring Vegas in a Maserati GranTurismo (GranCabrio) Convertible...

The GranTurismo Sport 4.7L V8 engine stands out for its silent running, performance and reliability. An engine that inherits the mechanical sophistication which has always been a Maserati hallmark, united with numerous innovative solutions such as the special DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) finish used for the tappets and camshaft lobes, an innovation that significantly reduces friction. The engine’s 460 horsepower changes personality to match the situation: from the discreet purr of urban driving to the powerful thrilling roar of sporty driving on the open road. The choice is in the driver’s hands: he can set the output level by pressing the Sport button. Most of the 520 Nm of torque is available over a wide range of engine speeds for an outstandingly smooth ride. This car is one our more luxurious rentals and you will be riding in style.